Terms and Conditions

Delivery Policy


Tickets are issued online by electronic method or in person on board the Barossa Explorer Bus.
All tickets issued are valid for the date of purchase only and the usage entitles the holder to transport time frames as outlined in ‘The Bus Route’.
Tickets issued either electronically (online) or physically are non-transferable.
This is the responsibility of the ticket holder to keep the ticket on their persons at all times, failure to produce a ticket on request, may result in you being unable to use the service.


Refunds/Returns Policy


Tickets that are issued electronically may be refunded in certain situations and are treated on a case by case basis.
Barossa Explorer will refund or replace a ticket issued for up to 30 days from purchase if you cannot use the service due to illness or flight cancellations.
A refund will not be issued for failing to turn up or illness that is declared after the date of purchase/intended date of travel.
You may be required to provide documentation to attain a full refund of your ticket.


Barossa Explorer Further Policies


The driver reserves the right to refuse service to drunk, disruptive, or unruly guests.
For the purpose of this ticket, a family consists of 2 adults and 2 individuals under the age of 18, or 1 adult and 3 individuals under the age of 18.
Purchase of a ticket does not ensure you a seat on this service; during times of increased demand, individuals may be unable to use this service.
The carrier accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage of goods resulting in the use of this service.
During times of increased demand, the driver may refuse to carry large or bulky items. The driver, at their discretion, may arrange for delivery of these goods at a later time for a suitable fee.